Ambemohar Aromatic Rice

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Ambemohar Aromatic Rice

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Ambemohar is a fragrant rice variant grown in the foothills of the Western ghats region of the state of Maharashtra in India. 

This aromatic rice has been used for making soft Idli and crispy dosa. It is also used for making puffed rice called Murmure in the Marathi language.

Ambemohar Aromatic Rice Uses:

  • It's used to prepare a thick soup of rice and milk called ‘Bhatachi Pej’ locally, mainly for children, elderly people and patients.
  • The rice has been used for making soft Idli and crispy dosa and also used for making puffed rice called Kurmure in the Marathi language.
  • The bran from the rice is used for oil extraction or for Mushroom cultivation.

Ambemohar Aromatic Rice Benefits:

  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Helps in regulating and lowering blood pressure
  • Good for digestion
  • Low sodium
  • High soluble fibre
  • Contains good natural oils
  • Low Glycemic index

Ambemohar Aromatic Rice Recipes:

 Just like normal rice, Ambemohar Rice can be used to make:

  • Masala Bhaat
  • Kanji for kids and those recovering from illness
  • Idli and Dosa batter
  • Firni & Kheer
  • Aromatic savoury rice dishes like Biryani and Pulao
  • Murmure

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