Cold Press Coconut Oil

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Cold Press Coconut Oil

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Our Cold press coconut oil is extracted from the Coconuts we grow at our farm. Coconuts are sundried and then the oil is extracted using a cold press.

Cold Press Coconut oil (CPO) offers a host of health benefits, mainly due to its unique combination of fatty acids. These fatty acids have antimicrobial properties that effectively kill certain bacteria and fungi.

Coconut oil improves blood levels of HDL cholesterol (also termed as the good cholesterol) which is linked to better metabolic health and a consequent lower risk of heart disease.

Recent studies indicate that the use of coconut oil improves brain function.

Coconut oil is also used for cosmetic purposes as a moisturizer for the skin and to condition hair and prevent hair damage. 

Cold Press Coconut Oil Uses:

For Face and Skin: Cold press coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and rich in nutrients that are important for the skin.

It works as a barrier between skin and pollutants which dry the face. Best to apply after shower or bath.

For Hair: It is known to prevent hair breakage due to pollution, dirt, styling tools, etc.

It is also known to enhance hair growth, prevent greying of hair, moisturize the scalp and restrict dandruff.

For Cooking: Coconut oil is best used for medium-heat cooking and is excellent for baking.

It is known to increase fat burning which is why it's included in keto and paleo diets.

Cold Press Coconut Oil Benefits:

Antioxidant Benefits: since it is made without any heat, the antioxidant content in cold-pressed coconut oil is retained and in higher levels.

Flavour Benefits: Unrefined coconut oil retains its natural, pure coconut taste which is ideal for baking. This results in baked goods that possess the nutty and delicate flavour that coconut is known for.

Free of Additives: since pure cold-pressed coconut oil doesn't undergo any refining, it's naturally additive-free.

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