Citronella Hydrosol

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Citronella Hydrosol

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Hydrosols contain the water-soluble parts of the plant. Hydrosols share some of the healing properties of essential oils. Hydrosols are around 30 times stronger than herbal teas and gentler than essential oils.

Citronella Hydrosol is extremely effective to help reduce uninvited bacterial, fungal, and viral activity. It also repeals Mosquito.

Citronella Hydrosol Uses:

Citronella Hydrosol may also be used in products not intended for oral use. These include:

  • Skin and makeup products, like toners, creams, and other emollients.
  • Topical creams for wounds, inflammation, or soothing the skin
    body products like deodorant or perfume.
  • Aromatherapy products, which can be diffused into the air.

Citronella Hydrosol Benefits:

Mosquito Repellent: studies suggest that citronella hydrosol is the best resource to prevent mosquito bites.

Aromatherapy: used in Aromatherapy to reduce a person’s negative sentiments such as sadness, anxiety, and stress.

Natural Body Deodorant: It is generally used as a natural deodorant and works as an essential ingredient in perfumes, deodorants, and body mists.

Wound Healing Properties: spraying a bit of citronella hydrosol mixed with water on any wound can do wonders and enhance its healing process.

Skin Benefits: Due to its natural healing abilities, Citronella Hydrosol is used as a skin moisturizer for refreshed skin, reduces skin damage and prevents excessive oil.

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