Gondhoraj Lemon Leaves

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Gondhoraj Lemon Leaves

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Gondhoraj quite literally translates to ‘aroma of the king’ or ‘King of fragrance’. The zesty flavoursome addition lime gives to food, drinks, desserts or salads, is inexplicable.

The leaves of the Gondhoraj lebu has an intense fragrance as well.

Gondhoraj Lemon Leaves Uses:

  • Gondhoraj Lemon Leaves are used to flavour the gondhoraj bhaat, where leaves are layered with the rice.
  • If there are no limes available, the leaves can be used to flavour lentils and pulses – Masoor dal or bhaja moong dal.
  • The leaves of Gondhoraj Lemon can be squashed into a shredded mixture of shutki(dry fish) with generous servings of green chillies.

Gondhoraj Lemon Leaves Recipes:

Rui Gondhoraj (King Lemon Infused Rohu Fish Curry)

Link to Recipe

Gondhoraj Chicken Bhappa

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